Brain-Engaging™ Tools to Make Learning Fun!


Comments from CLIME® users:

"The activities are interesting, challenging and fun. The children are eager to do these of all I am already seeing positive results." -Wando Cho, Resource Specialist

"The CLIME® Sky/Grass/Earth technique works well. The colors used are visually helpful and the concept is fun and easy to understand. My son has made tremendous progress with his writing skills using this technique." -Tina Mehl, parent

"The CLIME® Program has opened my eyes to so many unmet needs of our students. Cindy has shown me simple techniques that lead to improved academics, motor skills and social-emotional progress." -Kathryn Yost, Resource Specialist

"My son does his best writing on this (Sky/Grass/Earth writing) paper. It is phenomenal! Thank You!" -Kathy Gott, parent of a child with autism and Founder of the Center for Autism

Comments from CLIME® Workshops:

"We are so excited to finally have someone help us with the 'everyday little problems'...we can't wait to use your ideas!" Banyan Teachers

"My brain was more engaged during your session than I've been in a long time. You gave me hope. Thank you, Cindy."

"Really hit home! Everything was wonderful, meaningful and useful! Wow!"

"I have used and shared (the CLIME®) materials with my colleagues. We love it!"

"The CLIME® workshop was the most requested by the school site principals for the summer institute." Ann Jones, Director of Special Education

"After 15 years of teaching, I finally have strategies on how to help with fine motor skills in writing."

"(The CLIME® Training) was one of the best inservices I have been to."

"Great simple solutions! I just didn't realize how relevant this is for a lot of populations."

"I didn't realize that motor skills could have such an impact on learning."

"Very practical. Lots of inexpensive ways to work on problem areas."

"Well done workshop! Well thought out to the root of the problems. Thanks!"

"Lots of innovative and useful ideas that are very easy."

"Probably the best and most practical workshop I've had in years."

"This (training) was invaluable. I think every teacher should go through this training-Cindy was great!"

"Thank you for such an amazing learning experience! This was truly awesome!"

Comments about Ms. Pahr's consultation services:

"It is comforting to know that when situations need a professional and personal touch, Cindy Roth Pahr is a resource on whom I can count to bridge communication gaps." Dr. Craig Rocha, Vice Principal

"You always reach a place in me that zooms through fear and frustration to caring and comfort and solution. Thanks for letting me be with you." Cheryl Young, parent

"She makes everyone's job easier." Pat Summers, School Nurse Practitioner