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EduCLIME, LLC, in business since 1997, has improved instruction and learning by providing practical, easy to use ideas and strategies to promote the success of students, their teachers and their parents.

Integrating motor activities into the classroom and home environment can be a tremendous help in reading, writing, attention, and memory. Students who learn to develop specific motor movements can incorporate such skills into successful participation in school activities. CLIME®'s multi-sensory approach to learning is particularly helpful for students, kindergarten through sixth grade and those with Attention Deficit Disorder or learning disabilities.

Consultation services and training help support the programs of students in both general and special education. Our training focuses on teaching general and special educators best practices to help ALL students improve learning.

  • Instructional Tools
  • Consultation to School Districts on Educational Strategies to Improve Learning
  • Educator Workshops
  • Parent Consultation

For Information on consultation for Students with Traumatic & Acquired Brain Injuries, Physical and Health Disabilities visit

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