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Living Letters® Handwriting Teacher's Starter Kit -Cursive

  • Living Letters® Handwriting Teacher's Starter Kit -Cursive

Product Description

EduCLIME's effective, teacher-approved handwriting program is available in cursive! The Living Letters® Handwriting Program-Cursive has the tools to get your child started on the path to proper letter formation and neat handwriting!

This system includes an easy to follow teacher's manual, fun associative learning cards, evaluation tools, our exclusive Living Letters® at Cursive Park Storybook, 2 Sky/Grass/Earth wipe-off boards which offer 2 different heights of writing lines (3/4", and 1/2"), 1 package of our SGE 10 paper 1/2 inch lines (200 sheets), and EduCLIME's original Magnetic Tracer Set!