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Living Letters® Handwriting Teacher's Starter Kit -Print
This Brain-Engaging ™ program for teaching handwriting utilizes associative learning and kinesthetic instructional techniques to help students quickly learn proper letter form. This miraculous technique is designed for quick results!
The CLIME® Manual
The CLIME® Manual - (Classroom Learning to Improve Motor Efficiency)
Living Letters® Classroom Alphabet
Living Letters® Classroom Alphabet Line
Decorate your classroom with this 9-foot colorful display of the upper and lower case alphabet. The letters are uniquely arranged vertically so students can clearly see letter orientation on the line using our Sky/Grass/Earth association of where letters "live" on the line. This product is a beautiful accompaniment to our Living Letters® product line. The set has 9- 12 x 9 inch cards and an introductory lesson.
Living Letters® Alphabet Desk Strip- Print
Living Letters® Alphabet Desk Strip- Print
Our desk strips beautifully reinforce placement on the line and proper letter form. Each student now has a reference reminding them how to form their letters with the stroke numbers and directional arrows right at their desks!

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What could be more important than the success of our children? For some students, success seems just out of reach. We specialize in helping students reach their goals.

Our aim is to provide Brain-Engaging™ educational tools to make learning and the school experience fun, exciting and successful for children. Our passion is to make learning a valuable and memorable experience no matter what challenges a student may face. We pride ourselves on improving the learning process for children and providing teachers and parents with sound instructional strategies.