Living Letters® Handwriting Program

Living Letters® Handwriting Program
The Living Letters® Handwriting Program has the tools to get your child started on the path to neat writing and also reinforces proper letter formation! Brain engaging color and a memorable story to which children can connect do wonders for learning! Our Living Letters® Program materials make that connection. The bright color on our Sky/Grass/Earth writing paper, wipe off boards and Magnetic Tracer Sets provide the tools to lock in students minds the location and appropriate sizing of letters on the line. Available in Print, Cursive and limited items in Contemporary styles.

Look What One Lesson Can Do!

Thomas' writing before the Living Letters® Handwriting Lesson (Thursday):

Practicing on our unique Living Letters® writing paper (after one lesson on Friday):

Thomas' writing sample on white lined paper (Monday)!

Our Living Letters® product line includes:

• Living Letters® Storybooks
• Living Letters® Wipe-Off Boards which offer 3 different heights of writing lines (1", 1/2", and 3/4")
• Living Letters® Writing Paper
• Living Letters® Magnetic Tracer Sets
• Living Letters® Practice Worksheets
• Living Letters® Classroom Posters